What's Inside ThankU Album

source: 잇힝, chara★@jungyonghwa.net
shared by: pennylanechic@codeazzurro

a.ri.ga.tou. 30seconds Preview

Credit: Cnbluesky.net

Japanese fans are always lucky. They always get something more special from their favorite celebrity.. But this album quite expensive compared to their previous album, I'm thinking of to grab one..


♥corcraze♥ said...

i wonder what ThankU is,and..huhh??
is this their latest album??full song,not mini like the previous one??

tp kenapa ade lagu yg dr albun before this jgk ehh???
ade preview x???

xXrucciXx said...

ini 1st full length Japan album, i think lagu2 yang dah ade dr album lepas2 tu dorang record blk in Japanese kot.. but the title remains the same..