Vote for CNBlue's Official Fan Club Name

After receiving fan-club name suggestions from March 11 to 18, 2010,
The CNBlue representative has came out with top 5 names suggested by the fans.

CN Blue's soulmate

2. BLUE holic
addicted to CNBlue

3. 블루칩 (Blue chip)
the presence of CNBlue's chip

4. ID Blue
Based on Code Name Blue (CN Blue)

I - Ideal
D - Dream
>> CNBlue is fans' ideal dream

I - I'm, me
D - dreaming, to dream
>>CNBlue fans always dream for CNBlue

5. Blue Moon
(I'm not sure about this one, please tell me if I translate it wrong)
Every month, full moon floats twice.

CNBlue's music heightens people's feelings.

You can vote it here

Voting time:
March 29, 2010 until 12 at the midnight April 4, 2010.

Credit: source: CNBlue's Fancafe
translated by mother☆superior @
edited by xruccix @cnbluemalaysia fc

Seriously, I like the BLUE Holic.. what are you waiting, let's vote guys =)

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