Tutorial How to Create an Account at Daum and Vote

step 00. Go to http://www.daum.net/ on your browser
step 01. On the top left under the Daum header, you wil find this box below. click on the box pointed by the arrow.

step 02. Click on the top option for the general user.

step 03. User agreement. Thick the box and then click on the left box.

step 04a. You will get this page. Thick on the right bullet. so the page will change to step 04b.

step 04b. Fill in your name, gender and birthdate then hit the blue button so it will take you to the next step.

step 04c. You need to fill in your email address and click on the right button so daum will send the authorization number.

step 04d. in seperate window, check your inbox for an email from daum and write down the authorization num

step 04e. go back to your daum window, fill in the authorization number and hit the button next to the box.

step 04f. you have to fill in the code stated in the picture, then click the blue button at the bottom. if you're not sure, you can change the picture by hitting the button right next to the picture.

step 05. Fill in your details.^^ and then you can submit it. I hope from here you'll know what to do since I can't do it anymore, it means I will register again.^^

step 06. To start vote. Go to this address: http://cafe450.daum.net/_c21_/bbs_list?grp...&fldid=RHcO
and choose the second link.

step 07. Since you're not registered yet at CNBLUE daum cafe, this pop up window will appear, click OK.

step 08. Thick the agreement box and fill in the details again as follow then hit the submit button.

step 09. Click the left button at the bottom, it will lead you to the CNBLUE daum cafe front page
step 10. Go to this address once again: http://cafe450.daum.net/_c21_/bbs_list?grp...&fldid=RHcO and pick the second link. then you can vote
Yosh! apa korang tunggu lagi~ jom..jom..cepat vote untuk nama fan club kesukaan masing-masing ye!! if me...i will keep voting for Blue Holic!!! XDD

Source: daum 
Credit + Trans: chiara@soompi

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