CNBlue datang dekat Bangkok

The confirm artists are 2AM, 2PM, 8EIGHT, Brown Eyed Girls, Supernova (Cho Shin Sung), CN Blue, Kara, Kim Tae Woo, MBLAQ, ONE-2, Seeya, SG Wannabe, Son Ho Young, T-Ara, The Boss, U-Kiss, ZE:A (Children of Empire). More artists can be added later.

The concert venue is Rajamangala National Stadium (same stadium with SMTown Live’08 Concert in Bangkok, Thailand). Rajamangala National Stadium can hold about 50,000 people.

The concert date is on 6 of April 2010 from 19:00 PM – 21:30 PM and this concert is free but you need to do certain things to get the tickets like play games or buy something from the sponsors.

Kepada semua peminat2..CNBLUE nak datang Bangkok.jadi sesiapa yang berminat pergi la Thailand(orang banyak duit ni)..x jauh. atas dari Malaysia je..harap2 lepas ni diorang pegi Malaysia pulak kan??selain Cnblue banyak artis2 hebat yang datang(confirm 17 artis banyak tu!) contohnya:BEG,2AM,2PM..


AozoraXoxO said...

hye! wna ask

19pm to 21:30pm isnt that from 7-9.30 pm? how can they have a concert for just 2 hrs? are they just goin to have an appearence only? just introducing all the artists there would probably take 2 hrs.

if they're not singing, is that why its free?

malaysia cnblue fc said...

emm, we dont know about that..
betul jugak ek..
tapi kalau diorang x nyanyi pon tak pe asalkan bleh tengok diorang live depan mata..
bukankah itu sudah cukup memadai??
emm, tapi harap2 diorang nyanyi la kan??

Anonymous said...

jelesnye!!!!!!!!!!!dtg la malaysia pulak...

Esther Liew said...

If possible they should come to Malaysia..... why is it that band like SS501 didn't come to Malaysia only the SM entertainment like DBSK and Super Junior come to Malaysia for concert