September 01, 2014

[Post] Unofficial T-shirt merchandise for CSMY

Hi Boice, good news, due to high demand, we are now re-open order for our unofficial T-Shirt ^^

Below are the available design: 

The size of the shirt measurement: 

Added info: for XXXL add 1-2 inch

[Twitter|Photo|Translation] Minhyuk give recommendation on good songs to listen

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@MR_KANGGUN: 끝 없을 것 같던 무더위도 식어가고 가을에 한발짝 다가서는 것 같아요요즘 완전 빠진 앨범을 추천해 드립니다!여름과 가을사이 이 노래들과 함께 보내세요! 참고로 듣고 반해서저 처럼 앨범을 사러가게 됩니다.
@MR_KANGGUN: It seems like we're getting one step closer to the end of this autumn heat! These days i would like to recommend these album! Between summer and autumn, lets have fun listening to the songs! Please buy the album to listen to the song, just like i did.

Original source from @MR_KANGGUN
Translation by @norleecious
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[Twitter|Photo|Translation] Jungshin thankful for Honggyu Coffee

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@MentalShin:여러분 감사합니다~ 유혹아닌 홍규커피~이제 유혹도 얼마안남았네요 유종의미를 거둘수있었으면 좋겠어요 마지막까지 많이 사랑해주세요!

@MentalShin: Guys, thank you~ It's not Temptation but Honggyu Coffee~ Now only some slot left for Temptation. Hope to ended happily with Yoojeong. Please send your love till the end of it

Original source from @MentalShin
Translation by @norleecious
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August 28, 2014

[Video] CNBLUE release Radio Official MV from Wave album (3rd Japanese full album)

Original source from Warner Music Japan
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[Line|Photo|Translation] Minhyuk cant wait to see Boice in Shanghai again

[CNBLUE LINE] 상해에 도착한 민혁씨에게서 날아온 셀카!!! 지난 6월 상해 콘서트 이후 만나는 상해보이스 여러분~ 잠시 후에 만나요!!
[CNBLUE LINE] A selca that flew from Min Hyuk who has arrived in Shanghai!! All the SH Boice whom we met at the concert in June let's meet later!!

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Translated by CNBMinhyuk
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