[Post] Minhyuk gonna narrated a documentary movie about stray cats.

As we all knows, Minhyuk were quite obsessed with his cats and now he will narrating the documentary movie 'I Am a Cat'.

FNC Entertainment shared the news on September 2, announcing, 'I Am a Cat', a documentary movie about stray cats in South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan, has been selected as the opening movie for the 'Animal Film Festival'. Minhyuk, a well-known pet lover who even engaged in a photo shoot with his cats Kkong-dda-dda and Um-chi-chi, happily participated in the film's narration."

Minhyuk also commented, "Narrating 'I Am a Cat' allowed me the time to rethink stray cats as well as other pets. I wish to become helpful in strengthening the culture, where pets and people can socially exist together."

Source : allkpop
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[Post] Jungshin confirmed to join Joo Won in drama remake of 'My Sassy Girl'


Woah! Another news came!

Jungshin has been cast in the upcoming drama remake of 'My Sassy Girl'!

FNC Entertainment announced the news on August 12, confirming Jungshin's appearance in the drama version of the hit film. He will be playing a character named Kang Joon Hyung, a charismatic and handsome fellow. Another "Kang's" boy is here! Filming for the drama begins in September.

Meanwhile, actor Joo Won has been confirmed as the male lead, with casting for other roles still in progress.

Sources : www.allkpop.com

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[Post] 2016 Busan One Asia Festival (BOF); first line up announcement.


"2016 Busan One Asia Festival", the first series lineup has been published.
Busan Tourism Organization, the main sponsored, for the mega-event "2016 Busan One Asia Festival" had already publishing the first line up for the artist that will participate in the festive. Korean idol stars such as CNBLUE, Girl's Day, B1A4, and BAP will participate.
This big event where you can enjoy a variety of K culture in one place, Asia Main Stadium from October 1 to 23 days, such as BEXCO (International Convention Centre), will be held in the vicinity of Busan. CNBLUE, Apink, Girl's Day, B1A4, B.A.P has appeared on "One Asia opening concert" to be held on October 1, it is expected to liven up hot night of Busan of autumn.
Jung Yong Hwa is the Busan One Asia Festival ambassador.
Official Facebook Page : Busan One Asia Festival 
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[Post] CNBLUE Withdraw From KCON LA 2016


As we all know, CNBLUE have been in the line up for KCON LA 2016 since few weeks ago but sadly to informed that CNBLUE had withdrew their participation from KCON LA 2016 following a recent insider-trading scandal that rocked them.

CNBLUE's absence was announced several days after Seoul court issued a verdict on an insider-trading case relating to two members of the group, Jung Yong Hwa and Lee Jong Hyun.

Jung Yong Hwa was acquitted of the charges, while Lee Jong Hyun received a fine of 20 million KRW. CNBLUE previously performed at KCON LA in 2014 and was slated to perform Saturday, July 29, at this year's event.

We wish all the problems can be settle up as soon as possible, we missed you guys.

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[Post] Kang Min Hyuk is dating someone??


I guess you guys might had a serious shocking moment right now...hihihi...Few hours ago, media had reported that the two FNC artists were dating...is turns out to be our Kang Min Hyuk and also actor Jung Hye Sung, but FNC Entertainment had denied both of them are dating. FNC Entertainment denied all reports, and telling that the two were just friends that happened to have interests in common.

FNC Entertainment told OSEN, "After asking Minhyuk and Jung Hye Sung, we found out that they are not dating. They're the same age and they are close friends."

Well, at least that was incredibly fast response from FNC, right?
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[Post] Kang Min Hyuk & Laboum’s Solbin As New KBS Music Bank MC's


On June 27, KBS News Time revealed that Kang Min Hyuk and Laboum’s Solbin are the new “Music Bank” MCs. During the interview, Kang Min Hyuk states, “It’s a spot a lot of people want because it feels like a gateway or a step up for stars.”

Solbin comments, “I will work hard to become a mascot for ‘Music Bank'!”

On June 24, previous MCs Park Bo Gum and Red Velvet’s Irene hosted their last show after a 14-month run, increasing the anticipation for who would have the honor of hosting the show next.

What do you think of the new “Music Bank” MC pairing?

Credit : www.soompi.com
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[Post] Jonghyun reveals the celebrity friends he goes fishing with.


Jonghyun talked about his love for fishing on MBC's 'The Capable Ones' on June 23.

He revealed that he's fished as a hobby for about a year now, adding that the celebrity friends he would go fishing with were Roy Kim, Eddy Kim, and Jung Joon Young. They seem like the normal trio of friends - they're always together!

Jonghyun also revealed, "I went to Japan two days before I had a recording [for fishing]. Even the day before a concert, I enjoyed fishing 'til daybreak."
Credit : www.allkpop.com
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